Patchwork Rugs

Rugs are a magical piece of fabric that provides pleasures to eyes and comfort to your feet. These are lovely products that complete the decoration of your home with a perfect touch. Rugs and carpets both may provide you with almost the same benefits. Due to this reason, carpets and rugs are often used as synonyms. But lots of their characteristics are different from each other. Rugs offer all the benefits a carpet might give you but additionally they are cheaper and available in more colors, designs and types than mats. Moreover, carpets are heavy, and you can’t change it from time to time – they become a permanent part of your floor for a long time. Rugs, on the other hand, are a versatile type of flooring. Rugs are light easy to install anywhere, and you may change them whenever you want.

Rugs are an environmentally friendly item that holds anti-allergic elements which make it the best choice for sensitive and allergy-prone people. Mats are available in different types and varieties. A beautiful rug can brighten up your room and fill it with positive vibes.

Patchwork Rugs: What are they?

Patchwork rugs are made from different chunks of hand-knotted rugs and attached into a single rug. The patterns are different from one another due to the patched combinations in one piece of rug. Patchwork rugs were traditionally made by hands, but now machine-made patchwork rugs are also available in the market. However, hand-knotted rugs are more durable and have a longer lifespan than other types of rugs. We can divide patchwork into types of hand-knotted and machine-made rugs.

Patchwork rugs are part of traditional flooring; we can find its traces in Turkey, Pakistan, China, India, and Southeast Asian countries. But now with the use of modern technologies and techniques, machine-made patchwork rugs are quite popular throughout the world.

Features of Modern Patchwork Rugs:

Few features of modern patchwork rugs are mentioned below:

  • Material:

Patchwork rugs are mostly made of two materials: cotton as their base and wool for the piles. A patch of silk can also be used in its making. Machine-made rugs are usually of lesser quality than hand-knotted rugs, that’s why; you might not find silk patches in them. But, if you are going for some custom made patchwork rug, then you can ask to add pieces of your choice for its durability and enhance beauty.

  • The weave ofPatchwork Rugs:

Patchwork rugs are usually hand-knotted. The knitting and weaving type, which is used in this process are medium and average. Recently larger knots are also used in new kinds of rugs. Modern patchworks are also available in all types of knitting and weaving, but mostly, they are machine-made.

  • Size and shape:

A hand-knotted patchwork rug is always available in different sizes and shapes, so is the modern patchwork rug. The basic shapes are square, rectangular, and round. Still, you can always go for custom shapes for similar; octagonal and hexagonal shapes.

  • Color and patterns:

The unique feature of the patchwork rug is the color combinations, designs, and materials. Patchwork rugs are consistent and uniform in all designing aspects. Modern patchwork differs according to dye and recycled rugs. It can consist of traditional patterns and colors. Or it can be contemporary designs. Any color can be used with modern geometrical shapes and strips which are popular among buyers. Over-dyed patchwork rug is also a modern type. These are typically dyed and dominated with the second type of dye that often offers a sharp and bright load phosphoric color.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

Patchwork rugs are cheaper types of hand-knotted rugs. Modern patchwork might be slightly expensive from a traditional piece of the rug. Still, their unique designs with a guaranteed long life make your money worth.

  • Individual décor choice:

Modern Patchwork rugs are a smart choice for your flooring needs. When you install a modern patchwork rug on your floor, it might give a fusion of a mod-traditional touch. The whole décor of your room will present a pleasant cultural tune with a blend of modernism.


Patchwork rugs are a smart choice for modern people. They might provide you comfort, and also these are an environmentally friendly choice for your home.