Advantages Of Using Conduits In The Facilities

In Electricity

The electro bars or electro ducts are systems that distribute Electricity through the wiring or copper bars and have metal cladding to protect or prevent the cables from being damaged. This is a system that distributes energy in the most efficient and modern way that exists in the market. They are used in all types of projects like the heavy duty rubber cable protector, both in industry and commerce, health centers, and large transit areas for people, such as residential buildings. Electro bars’ significant advantages make them the best solution compared to traditional electrical wiring or pipe systems.

Advantages Of Busways

The specific advantages of this type of electrical wiring are numerous, being divided into several characteristics, which we summarize below:


The bars have a great design thanks to their compact shape. The conductors, which are flat and depressed, can advance into the casing they are wrapped in. Due to their compact design, these bars require less space than traditional electrical wiring, which is advantageous when you need to transmit amps from one location to another.

Heat Absorption

Due to its compact bar design, it has a metal casing, which is well defined, absorbing the heat that has been generated in the transmission and distribution of Electricity on the walls of the enclosure. Thus, the cooling system is better than a traditional wiring system.


They are more flexible if we compare them with the rest of the cabling since they can be used in any structure and with different configurations. Modification is easy, and added to the building is accessible. Besides, the bars can be relocated without much investment of money.

Cost Savings

Its assembly is easy when compared to the electrical wiring of a lifetime. Also, it can be assembled in a shorter time than other cables.

Greater Resistance

They have a rigid design and a better resistance than the cables of a lifetime, which makes them ideal for preventing short circuits. Its thin and flat shape helps to distribute the current density, reducing resistance naturally. Thanks to this lower density, the voltage losses are much lower than those wired for the same length.

Reduced Loss Of Energy

The conduits also have a lower resistance than traditional cables. This means that energy losses through transmission and distribution are lower in the blind bars, counting on a more limited growth of reactive power than other systems.