Interesting Lighting Ideas To Quickly Brighten Up Your Living Room

The living room is characterized as a place for entertainment and hangout. A strategic layout and beautiful furniture are the two key elements that define the design of your room. Proper lighting helps enhance the ambiance and set the mood.

The chandelier is among the top statement pieces that give you the desired look of a place. In this article, we are going to look at the various notable trends expected in 2021 in the area of lighting. design.

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About Interior lighting

Lighting design modifies from one room to another. However, the one design suits all is not applicable in the case of a lighting fixture. Whatever lighting fixture you choose should reflect the feel and function of every space.

Like any other interior décor element, technology is bringing constant changes in the lighting design. Manufacturers are introducing advanced bulbs and fixtures considering the changing preferences of people.

Expected Trends In Internal Lighting In 2021

Soft Gold Finish

There has been an increasing craze for a soft finish. Homeowners are interested in the greige and grey color finish. Looking at this demand, lighting manufacturers have introduced elegant spherical-shaped lighting fixtures with a soft gold finish that lies between these two color bands. It gets along well with both farmhouse or modern urban types of houses.

Industrial and Retro Styles in Refined Forms

A lot of homeowners are getting attracted to sleek black-colored pendant lights for a sophisticated look. Sleeker retro fixtures metals with finer details will set the trend. People are gravitating to richer, diverse tones and substitute designs to give an industrial touch to their homes.

Mid-century Contemporary and Art Decoration

Art decoration and mid-century contemporary styles have been considered as the favorite for interior design. It is an artful lighting style that emphasizes distinctive designs, clean lines, and a balance of art and form.

Art decoration focuses on attractive geometric designs and sharp lines. Modern lighting, on the other hand, focuses on natural shapes that are a blend of aesthetics, and functional form.

Less Mess, And Cleaner Lines

Modern decoration focuses on clean forms. It is devoid of excessive ornamentation. Modern homes are using complex designs that blend perfectly in a clean styled space.

Presently, homeowners are choosing cleaner and simpler lighting designs that fit well in modern decors.  Such fixtures focus on neutral soft colors, and simple geometric designs, over extravagant aesthetics.

Affordable LED

Another popular industry trend in lighting is the replacement of incandescent bulbs with LED. People are moving towards a more environmentally friendly and efficient form of lighting i.e., LED lighting.

Due to the increasing demand, they are expected to be cheaper than other lighting options. Also, you will find LED lamps in several styles, multiple colors, shapes, brightness, and much more. They are a great way to give a unique touch to the home.


Interior lighting holds a central aspect in the design of a home. The type of lighting fixture you use and the way you place it determines can help manipulate the overall atmosphere of your home. These are the best living room lighting trends/ideas to keep your living room well-lit, chic, and functional.