How To Keep Your Pet-Friendly Home Clean

It’s all well and good to share your home with your pets (and let’s face it, most of us believe that a house isn’t a home without them), but it takes a little more effort to help keep it clean and smelling fresh. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow to help you keep your pet-friendly home clean:

Decide upon pet free zones

Your house cleaning is so much easier after your pet when they’re restricted to certain areas of your home.

Groom your pets regularly – ideally outside

Any hair and dander caught in a comb, is hair and dander that isn’t on your floors or all over your furniture; grooming them outside also makes the process much more effective in terms of keeping your home clean.

Exercise them often

For dogs especially, try to spend quality time with them and exercise them as often as you can; bored, frustrated pets chew and scratch at things!

Feed cleanly

If possible, feed your pets in an outer room, preferably with its own sink so that you can wash the bowls and utensils hygienically after each use; you can also store their food items here. If this isn’t an option, at least have a small corner of a room dedicated to feeding alone, and ideally keep their bowls on an easy to clean surface, or inside a tray that you can clean with bleach and hot water, regularly. It also helps if your pet eats their food in one go, to prevent it from smelling and attracting pests and germs; this can usually be achieved by feeding them smaller amounts, or feeding them once a day.

Arm yourself with adhesive tape!

When it comes to adhesive tape, the thicker the better; wrap strips of it around your hands and fingers and brush it all over any surfaces where pet hair normally lands, including your clothes. Vacuum cleaners designed for eliminating pet hair and dander are a great investment, too. You can also wear a pair of wet rubber gloves and rub your hands over furniture, cushions and blankets etc. Once the gloves have picked up all the hair, rinse the gloves off and dispose of the fur.

Stop dirt and muddy pawprints at the door

Set up a cleaning station directly inside the door and wipe your pet down before they enter your home. A damp towel is usually more effective, and if you’re worried about your dog feeling cold, rub them down with a towel fresh out of the drier or that has been hanging near a heat source.

It doesn’t have to be all dirt, grime and dander when you share your home with pets, but sometimes it can feel that way. If pet hair and odors are getting on top of you, consider having a professional cleaning service come in and get the place cleaned up for you on a regular basis, leaving you more time to enjoy with your beloved pets.