Different Types of Granite Countertops

If you are wondering about remodeling your kitchen, as well as you’re on a quest for the best, 100% distinct natural rock countertop, you have come to the ideal place. Not just that, we will show you different types of granite shades, but we will additionally give you all the info required for simple upkeep and treatment. This guide is going to aid you to select the best edge for the granite countertop, as well as locate the lowest price.

Select the appropriate granite shade for your kitchen space, and utilize it to make your home genuinely one-of-a-kind, as well as timeless.

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What type of rock is granite?

Granite is a natural rock, as well as amongst the most prominent igneous rock. Many individuals recognize, as well as effectively determine granite because it’s typically used for building objects for day-to-day use.

  • Granite Definition

Granite can be defined as a light-colored blazing rock, rough-grained. This all-natural stone is composed generally of quartz, as well as feldspars utilizing a few amounts of mica as well as amphibole minerals. It is more challenging than marble, and it consists visible grains. People from the granite market that fabricate, sell, as well as acquire cut rock pieces for further use call this all-natural stone simply “granite.” The market calls stones like gneiss, lava, diabase, gabbro, monzonite, pegmatite, schist, syenite, anorthosite, diorite, granodiorite, as well as numerous other rocks, just “granite.”

  • Types of Granite Use

The granite sector uses granite rock to create daily objects like kitchen counters, wall surfaces, floor ceramic tiles, staircase footsteps, paving rock, curbing, and building veneer.

When they quarry granite from the Earth, they cut it right into blocks or slabs. These granite pieces and obstructs demand to have a certain size, thickness, as well as length. The granite industry utilizes these slabs further for various functions depending on these characteristics.

All types of granite are excellent for day-to-day use since they are heavy and solid, wear and tear-resistant, water-resistant, and resilient. Countertops, walls, and floorings made of various sorts of granite are attractive because this stone obtains its complete luster when polished.

All these attributes make all kinds of granite an extremely desirable rock for multiple uses in both properties, as well as the business interior.

  • Types of Granite Colors

Kinds of granite shades determine minerals, as well as rocks, that make granite. Quartz, feldspar, amphiboles, potassium, as well as mica minerals provide granite such special shades as well as patterns. Various types of granite colors depend on the focus of these minerals in the rock.