Modern Looks for your Salt Lake City Home

Salt Lake City homes are further appreciating the sleek and modern look of concrete flooring. There are more advantages to this past the look of it, one of the biggest being the design options. Concrete flooring doesn’t have to just be gray, and the right company will provide you with multiple options about what they can do for your flooring. Concrete has become a luxurious look to upgrade any home or office. Dyes can be added to the mixture as its being mixed to create earthy hues. You can also consider surface treatments. These flooring treatments look like acid stains, concrete stain, paint, or epoxy. You can also stamp the surface to give a beautiful texture. Before looking to upgrade your flooring, make sure your company is experienced in the tasks, as it’s not always an easy DIY feat.

Another advantage of concrete flooring is the low maintenance. You won’t need a specialized company to help you here. Because concrete is so durable and strong, it’s easy to maintain. It can easily discard spills, dirt, and stains, all while being able to take hard impacts. Without fading, it retains its look.

Another, lesser known, advantage of this flooring is the ability to be heated. With the right company, electrical cables or hot water tubes can be embedded into the concrete to give you warm floors to meet your cold feet in the morning. With the cold weather that comes in the Salt Lake City wintertime, nothing will be more welcoming to your toes and other company, than floors that keep you warm, but make sure that you hire a reliable company.

There are also things to be cautious of if you want to go this type of flooring route. One thing that meets in the middle is the cost. Depending on the finishing on your floors, cost can be cheap or go up to $30 per square foot. Although flexible, it’s important to know exactly what you want. Be sure to discuss the different options when talking to your installment company.

Other things to be weary of if considering this floor for your Salt Lake City home is the weight of concrete and the chances of cracking. Be sure to work with your company of hire to inspect the area that you want to pour the floor on. Susceptible to cracking due to temperature, moisture, and settling, takes a moment to review the environment you want to place it in.

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