Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring Ipswich kitchen fitters 

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Kitchen fitters are multi-talented who can do some carpentry, some plumbing and also some electrical work that can work wonders for your kitchen space. These professionals are highly skilled professionals in various tasks, such as Appliance installation, decoration, painting, electrical work, grouting, tiling, plumbing and more. You can also depend on them for refacing cupboards and cabinets and the installation or assembly of cupboards, kitchen cabinets etc. Know about the top questions to ask before hiring Ipswich Kitchen Fitters.

Can I see some references?

You do not know what kind of services to expect, and how the fitters would behave when they are inside your premises. It is better that you talk to some of the past clients of the kitchen fitting contractor and get an idea about the quality of services, behavior, rates etc. Stay away from fitters who seem to be wary about sharing the details of previous clients. The good ones will share the information readily with you, and the bad ones will have reasons galore to be hesitant. 

Do you have public liability insurance?

With a bonded and insured fitter team, you can be assured that in no way you will be expected to cough up compensation if there is an accident and any of the workers suffers an injury. Insurance also means any damage to your property, breakage of something valuable etc, will be covered by the insurance provider of the fitter contractor.

Do you offer post-work cleanup services?

This is important to ask, given that kitchen fitting is usually a messy job and can generate a lot of dirt and debris to be cleaned up. Once the fitters leave, you will have a hard time in cleaning up all the waste that is generated. You can save the hassles by signing up with a fitter who clears up all the clutter after the completion of the work. 

How much do you charge?

Do not assume that all fitters in your area have a similar rate. The rates, as a matter of fact, tend to vary widely in Ipswich – based especially on where you stay in. Get free quotes from various kitchen fitters and compare them with each other to find out which one is cheaper for you to hire. Compare the types of services offered as well. 

How long will it take?

It is essential to know how long the fitter team would take to complete the services, post-work cleanup included.