Tips For Good Maintenance Of Custom Flash Drives

13 Useful Tips To Protect A USB Flash Drive [INFOGRAPHIC]

Personalized flash drives are one of the star products in our catalogue of advertising gifts. However, sometimes we get doubts from some customers and users who ask us about how to get a longer life for custom USBs, and if they need universal adapter for their USB.

Today we tell you how some tricks to extend the life of your personalized USB stick and that your files are always well protected. Keep reading!

Five Tricks To Take Care Of Personalized USB Sticks

Have you ever wanted to open a Pendrive and have come across an error message that recommended you format it? This may be due to several factors, but possibly the cause is none other than the misuse of the device.

These small devices are beneficial when it comes to storing and transporting files, but they also require care to be able to enjoy 100% of all their features.

Follow these recommendations, and you will see how your custom power banks start to work much better:

Extract Your Personalized USB Always In Safe Mode: we have all been tempted to remove the USB stick from the computer with a simple flip. Quick, how, and simple, right? But a gesture like this can save you more than a hassle.

Use The Protective Cap: if you think that the caps are a simple decorative element, you are wrong. Dust can accumulate on the chip of your personalized flash drive, affecting its correct operation. Another beneficial add-on to use is a Plug adapter (ปลั๊ก adaptor, which is the term in thai) for your USB device, it will help ensure your USB lasts longer.

Protect Your Flash Drive From Extreme Temperatures: humidity and heat are clear enemies of electronic devices. Always keep them well protected, away from direct sunlight, and you will have a more durable custom USB.

Save The Device Whenever You Are Not Using It: many times, we connect a custom memory to consult a document and forget to extract it. This increases the temperature of the device and creates damage that can be irreparable.

Use Antivirus: yes, antivirus has also been invented to protect custom USBs. If you make a scanner of it with the specific frequency, you will be able to protect all your files, and also your computer.