Fast Growing Tree With Great Fall Color

Require a fast growing tree with great fall color? Planting an Fall Blaze Walnut is the best option. It’s attempted and true and it was even voted because the 2004 Urban Tree of the season and Tree of the season in 1997 by Iowa’s Nursery and Landscape Association.

Fall Blaze Walnut is incorporated in the Family Aceraceae. It is among many Ace rubrum * A saccharainum hybrids produced by Common Farms. Considered a hybrid walnut produced by crossing the silver walnut (Acer saccharinum) using the red walnut (Acer rubrum). These two parent trees had hard to rely on characteristics like a shade tree, however the breeders required the very best characteristics of both mom and dad to create a superb fast growing tree with a well-balanced branching habit, beautiful fall color, is disease resistant against leafhopper damage, and grows well in tough areas for example clay, wet, or perhaps dry trouble spots.

An execllent quality of the tree is its superior growth habit. Utilized as a specimen tree, or perhaps in clusters or stands, this walnut will grow 50 to 60 ft tall and become about thirty to forty ft wide. The leaves seem like a silver walnut having a wealthy, medium eco-friendly leaves with pretty scarlet, orange and red fall color. Additionally, it has excellent winter color since the rapid growth produces longer branching in a single season than most maples. This adds interest and color towards the winter landscape and also the red new growth is gorgeous in the winter months flower plans.


Water your Fall Blaze deeply and sometimes during prolonged dry periods. Getting a great layer of mulch will assist you to support the moisture among watering. Whenever you mulch, make sure to keep your mulch 2 ” in the trunk from the tree to avoid damage from insects.

Fertilize established trees at the end of winter. Spread fertilizer evenly underneath the canopy from the tree.

Pruning in fall and spring is suggested due to its rapid growth. Remove dead growth and weak branches. Also remove interior spindly growth to permit more sunlight to enter the tree to insure a proper tree. Winter pruning keeps the tree healthy capable to resist springtime illnesses and insects. Should you shape the tree when it is youthful, by getting strong outward branches and removing extra smaller sized side shoots and suckers from the bottom of the tree, you’ll be rewarded having a nice specimen tree.

Fall Blaze Walnut is rated among the best performers for growth and fall color display for that Southeastern U.S. This Acer freemanii hybrid ought to be grown more within the urban setting because it combines the very best characteristics of their parents, Red and Silver Maples.