Are You Currently Purchasing Property Simply to Get Wealthy?

Why is you need to be a property investor?

The solution varies for most people but frequently it is because they need financial freedom. Or, passive earnings.

But, there’s an issue with going after investment should you ONLY seek wealth and financial freedom in the venture.

You’ll face some significant issues in case your journey like a property investor begins in search of passive earnings or financial freedom. The quest for passive earnings or financial freedom might not be enough to push you thru the difficulties you’ll face.

It isn’t enough to pursue financial freedom or passive earnings. There should be an even bigger reason. There has to be a obvious vision.

Someone lately recommended to simply keep wondering WHY looking for the larger reason. It’s that WHY which will help you proceed whenever your tenants leave your home a tragedy and it is that why which will help you stay continuing to move forward to locate financing when no banks wish to lend you cash.

So think about:

Why would you like financial freedom?

Since I want so that you can leave my job and live my existence generate income want.


Because I wish to hang out with my loved ones and since In my opinion I’ve more talents to provide than my job enables me to make use of.


Carry on lower this path you’ll eventually finish up somewhere that allows you to know that you’re going after many of these things for that simple reason why you believe they could make you happy.

Or possibly you’ll hit a stalemate and realize you do not have a great solid WHY that’s making you towards property being an investment.

Whenever you realize this, you may just find you will find things which get you to some extent of happiness much faster than property. You might just realize you had been brought to think through the night time guru that property is the easiest method to get wealthy quick and then the fastest method to happiness.

When it becomes clear that, and accept the truth that it isn’t that fast and it’s certainly not too easy, you might find that property is not the starting point.